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June 16, 1999
The Outback, Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Considered the largest monolith in the world, Uluru rises 348 m (1143 ft) from the surrounding red desert floor and has a circumference of about 9 km (6 mi) — it can be seen from the moon.

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CD+DVD Album: "Native Lands"
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Album cover for 'Shade'
CD Album: "Shade"
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Album cover for 'The Chair In The Doorway'
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Will's New Album:

"Celebrating Elvin Jones"

Will's New Album, <i>Celebrating Elvin Jones</i>

Release Dates:

• USA - August 19, 2016

• Germany - August 19, 2016

• UK - August 26, 2016

• France - August 26, 2016

Label: Motéma Music
Format: CD Album

This 21st century celebration of the great jazz legend Elvin Jones is filled with passion and heart. Iconic drummer Will Calhoun joins forces with Elvin Jones' musical associates Christian McBride, Carlos McKinney, Antoine Roney and Jan Hammer on this recording.

"Celebrating Elvin Jones is an inspired project, vibrant and emotionally honest, but its greatest success may be that it brings Calhoun's boundless energy to lesser-known gems of the Jones songbook."
"For this album — reverential but effervescent — Calhoun put together eight unpredictable, thoughtful tracks...as a whole, the album might well encourage a new look at the richness of Jones's material."
The Village Voice

Track Listing

  1. EJ Blues
  2. Whew
  3. Harmonique
  4. Sarmastah
  5. Mahjong
  6. Shinjitsu
  7. Doll of the Bride (feat. Doudou N'Diaye Rose)
  8. Destiny (feat. Jan Hammer)
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