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June 16, 1999
The Outback, Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Considered the largest monolith in the world, Uluru rises 348 m (1143 ft) from the surrounding red desert floor and has a circumference of about 9 km (6 mi) — it can be seen from the moon.

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Album cover for 'Native Lands'
CD+DVD Album: "Native Lands"
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Latest Release:
Album cover for 'Shade'
CD Album: "Shade"
Also from
Living Colour
Album cover for 'The Chair In The Doorway'
CD Album: "The Chair in the Doorway"
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Will Calhoun — Native Lands


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Drum master Will Calhoun presents a far reaching mix of jazz, world & urban music featuring:

Pharoah Sanders
Mos Def
Stanley Jordan
Kevin Eubanks
Marcus Miller
Buster Williams
Naná Vasconcelos
Cheick Tidiane Seck
Wallace Roney
Antoine Roney
Orrin Evans
John Benítez
Gregg Marret

The Native Lands package includes a DVD produced by Charles Kliment and Will Calhoun, executive produced by Rob Freda, featuring over ninety minutes of music videos and documentary materials that chronicle the last ten years of Will's life and travels. Check out some sample music videos via the links in the left hand margin of this page.


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For audio samples click on the links below.

1. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria)
Pharoah Sanders Tenor Sax, Buster Williams Acoustic Bass, Wallace Roney Trumpet, Orrin Evans Piano, Will Calhoun Drums

2. Pyramids (Will Calhoun, Kevin Eubanks, Wallace Roney)
Pharoah Sanders Tenor Sax, Kevin Eubanks Guitar & Loops, Wallace Roney Trumpet, Antoine Roney Soprano Sax, Will Calhoun Drums, Drum Programming & Loops

3. Naked (Will Calhoun)
Pharoah Sanders Tenor Sax, Will Calhoun Drums, Drum Programming, Bass & Keyboards

4. Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter)
Pharoah Sanders Tenor Sax, Wallace Roney Trumpet, John Benítez Bass, Orrin Evans Piano, Will Calhoun Drums, Loops & Sonic Textured Ambience

5. Ancient One First Born (Tateich Calhoun)
Tateich Calhoun Drums (Age Two)

6. Tateich (Will Calhoun)
Wallace Roney Trumpet, Marcus Miller Bass, Will Calhoun Acoustic Flange Drums, Loops & Keyboards

7. Umoja (Will Calhoun)
Pharoah Sanders Tenor Sax, Buster Williams Acoustic Bass, Cheikh Tidiane Seck Strings, Wallace Roney Trumpet, Orrin Evans Piano, Will Calhoun Nigerian Udu Drum

8. Emanation (Will Calhoun)
Will Calhoun Drums, Loops, Bass, Keyboards & Piano

9. She (Will Calhoun)
Will Calhoun Acoustic Guitar & Pandiero

10. Three Card Molly (Elvin Jones)
Antoine Roney Soprano Sax, John Benítez Bass, Will Calhoun Drums

11. Push (Will Calhoun, Stanley Jordan)
Stanley Jordan Guitar, Will Calhoun Drums, Drum Programming, Loops, Bass, Indonesian Flute & Ambient Sonics

12. Dorita (Will Calhoun)
Gregg Marret Harmonica, John Benítez Bass, Orrin Evans Electric Piano, Will Calhoun Drums

13. East (Will Calhoun, Mos Def)
Mos Def Piano, Will Calhoun Drums

14. Native Lands (Will Calhoun, Naná Vasconcelos)
Naná Vasconcelos Shakers, Glass Udu Drum, Hand Drums, Bells, Voice & Indigenous Percussion, Will Calhoun Drums (with brushes), Wave Drum, Loops, Native American Double Bell Flute & Electronic Percussion

15. Echoes of Elvin (Will Calhoun)
Will Calhoun Drums

All tracks produced and arranged by Will Calhoun except ‘Dorita’, arranged by Orrin Evans and John Benítez. All tracks recorded by Andy Stackpole at Harmolodic Studios, Harlem except for ‘Native Lands’, recorded by Adelmo Tenório and Marcelo Munari at Unisom, Recife, Brazil. Basic tracks for ‘Naked’ and ‘Tateich’ recorded by Nick Kupfer at Jaguar Studios, Bern, Switzerland. Additional overdubs recorded by Vincent Thearad at Pop Corn Studios, Paris, France. Mixed by Fran Flannery with Will Calhoun at Longview Farm Studios. Mastered by Laurie Flannery at Gateway Mastering. Executive Producers: Steve Bensusan, Jeff Levenson, Robert Freda and Charles Kliment.

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