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June 16, 1999
The Outback, Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Considered the largest monolith in the world, Uluru rises 348 m (1143 ft) from the surrounding red desert floor and has a circumference of about 9 km (6 mi)-- it can be seen from the moon.

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    During the past 2 years, I've traveled throughout Central and South America, Asia and Australia. My general mission - to study the impact the drum has on culture and music in these particular regions. Although the drum's birthplace is Africa, its power has a significant impact on the world. From religious ceremonies in Bahia, meditation in Thailand, communication between Mayan tribes in the hills of Guatemala, to the driving rhythm behind "Punta Rock" in Belize. The power of the drum is vast in ageless time.

    My discussions of culture, spirituality, and the healing power of the drum with many elders from different lands, inspired me to record this CD - the waves of the drum have truly touched everyone and everything.

    Since this sacred instrument ("The Drum") is the past, present and future, I've decided to combine the organic sounds of acoustic drumming (in its origin) with the technology of the electronic drums (joined by a few guitar pedals and effects) to present you the listener with a sonic dictation of my travels.

    My journey was simply a plethora of spiritual and musical knowledge, and much like the drum it's also continuous and timeless.

    - Will Calhoun aka "The Hammer of A llah"


    Close to Coast [wav(730 KB), Lo-MP3(200KB), Hi-MP3(460KB)]
    Race Formation
    Aborigine Today [wav(970 KB), Lo-MP3(260KB), Hi-MP3(600KB)]
    Movement Celebration [wav(1.5MB), Lo-MP3(200KB), Hi-MP3(950KB)]
    Afro Asian
    Garcia Sisters
    Chinese Japanese Secrets
    African American Holocaust
    Udu Suite [wav(1 MB), Lo-MP3(140KB), Hi-MP3(720KB)]
    Inside the Mind of the Negro

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