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March, 1996
The Outback, Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock) - This formation is approximately 9 miles in diameter and can be seen from the moon.

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Anyone who has seen Will Calhoun either in clinic or in concert with the late Living Colour knows that he is a totally musical artist who never took the grandstand with the LC, preferring to be a team player at all times. But LC didn't always take advantage of Will's skill at playing many genres, or his prodigious chops.

Housework remedies this for listeners while giving Calhoun a chance to set his multifaceted talent to disc.

Recorded both in concert and in the studio, this collection of drum solos shows a drummer who can burn, but one who also can construct impressive thematic pieces and evocative, sequencer-induced sound collages. "Tribute to Blakey" initiates the CD with a tasteful, well-conceived solo that is more a thoughtful homage than an attempt at sound-a-like drum riffs. The toms are full and resonant here, Will seemingly lost in a medium-tempo remembrance of a departed friend, "Miles Davis" picks up the Al Foster throne, with Will bashing out a caustic hi-hat groove as a distorted rock melody works the background. And "Jingle Brass Fantasy" recalls Billy Cobham's "Stratus" with its repetitive sequencer line and 16th-note snare drum workout, but then Will breaks into a flailing fury over the kit before abruptly ending.

What makes this music work is the diversity Will brings to each solo, whether the surroundings are African percussion, hard rock rave-ups, or impressionist hip-hop ("Jungle").

Will Calhoun should be proud of this effort. He's done more with eight drum solos than some drummers do with an entire band, a major label, and forty attendant lackeys.

- Ken Micallef (Modern Drummer, March 1995)

Will is a highly sensitive and gifted musician. Housework is an innovative collection of his chops, stamina, groove, and sensitivity.

- Jack DeJohnette

With this his first CD of drum solos (Housework) you are invited to listen beyond his mastery of the instrument. For there is where you will find the unveiling of his voice through his sound, as well as his use of textures, colors, power and delicacy, all this embodied in a very personal sense of composition, as is evident on tribute to Art Blakey and Miles Davis. Will's restraint and sensitivity are particularly noteworthy, as well as his impeccable execution and balance.

- Horacee Arnold

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