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March, 1996
The Outback, Australia

"Sleeping Fire"

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News Archive

Monday, June 4, 2007

Will Calhoun is the Special Guest of host Jason "Malletman" Taylor for a taping of Mallet’s Place TV on Monday, June 4th at 8:00PM at Time Warner/CTV Studios in Staten Island, NY. Mallet’s Place TV is a cultural and educational show that airs on Channels 34 & 35 – Staten Island, NY, and is dedicated to the mission of “Keeping real music alive.” For more information, call 973.686.0231.

April, 2007

Will Calhoun recording with Oumou Sangare April 22-26th in Bamako, Mali.

November 17, 2006

Will Calhoun live interview: Friday Nov. 17th @ 4pm. WBAI 99.5 FM on the Earl Caldwell Show... Don't miss it!!! Check it out on live @ WBAI.org

July 21, 2006

Will Calhoun will be appearing and performing variously between 10pm to midnight during Andrea Clarke's "Sister From Another Planet" show on WBAI 99.5 FM (NYC), in support of the station's fundraising drive. Tune and and please support this fantastic radio station.

June 23, 2006

Will performs at "The Power of Drum! A Max Roach Celebration!" on Friday, June 23, 2006 in NYC.

May 31, 2006

I would like to personally thank all friends, fans, and loved ones who have tried contacting me during my clinic tour in Indonesia. I'm fine and will return the States in a few days. I wasn't near the Central Java area during the Earthquake. I performed a few hours away the following day, and due to the damage we had to change Hotel and venue address. My International mobile phone was on limited service until today. The Earthquake is devastating for Indonesians, the body count has risen to 5,200 persons.

Being present in Indonesia today I strongly recommend (if possible) that you or anyone you know make a contribution to the Indonesian community of Central Java. Contact local or International assistance programs, check cable news networks to arrange for proper contact/donation information.

Thanks again to all.


Will Calhoun

May 4, 2006

Will performs at the 5th annual Jazz Foundation of America's “A Great Night in Harlem” concert at the Apollo Theater. Bill Cosby, Danny Glover, Jimmy McGriff and over 60 Musicians highlight the night, which benefits Katrina victims, among many other worthy causes.

Click here for more information.

April 28, 2006

Click here for a feature article about Will in one of South Africa's most widely circulated newspapers.

March 23, 2006

Click here for an Associated Press interview with Will, entitled
"Is Jazz Cool?".

Feb 23, 2006

Press Release - Will Calhoun to receive Visionary Leader Award

October 14, 2005

Click here to read a review of 'Native Lands' by All About Jazz.

Native Lands in the heavens!

'Native Lands' will be featured on Lufthansa Airlines in-flight audio programming in January and February 2006.

August 3, 2005

Click here to read a review of 'Native Lands' by Cincinnati CityBeat.

July 8, 2005

Click here to read a review of 'Native Lands' by The Buffalo News.

July 7, 2005

Click here to read a review of 'Native Lands' from Amazon.com.

Will Calhoun — Native Lands CD/DVD available in record stores nationally (available on the Half Note Label) on June 28, 2005.

Click here to order.

Check out Will's featured interview on www.DrumRadio.com.
Will's interview begins at about the 38 minute mark on the "Part 1" link.

As of Oct. 21st 2004, Will Calhoun has terminated his relationship with Sonor Drums.

Check out the Tour Schedule page for Living Colour concert dates.

More upcoming Mos Def / Black Jack Johnson performances:

ACLU benefit on Oct. 4th, 2004.
Tonight Show (Jay Leno) on Oct. 11th, 2004.
Jimmy Kimmel Show on Oct. 12th, 2004.

Will scored a documentive short called FUNDAMENTAL FAIRNESS which recently won first place prize at the Lake Arrowhead Film festival. Click here to visit the film's Web site for more info.

Make sure to catch Mos Def / Black Jack Johnson on David Letterman show on Sept. 23rd, 2004.

The new single will drop on Sept. 28th, and the new Mos Def CD (which will feature several BJJ tunes) will drop Oct. 18th.

Listen for Will Calhoun on WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, Wednesday, June 23rd 2004, at 2pm with Hank Jones to discuss the Elvin Jones tribute live. Will may treat the listeners to a sneak preview of a cut from his forthcoming Jazz CD. Tune in and check it out!

WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, serving the NYC metro area, and Internet listeners worldwide, with the best in jazz, blues and award-winning news.

Click here to listen on-line.

*You will need the Real Audio Player to enjoy WBGO Jazz Radio.

Will Calhoun Drum Clinic: World Beats & Sounds on Saturday, June 5th, 2004 at the Blue Note in New York City. Click here for more details.

Review of Will Calhoun's exhibition entitled "Moroccan Exteriors", Feb. 6 -8, 2004 in NYC...

Note: Due to the fantastic response to Will Calhoun's photo Exhibition "Moroccan Exteriors" the show will run for the rest of this month (Feb 2004)... Gallery hours are posted. Will Calhoun will close his exhibition on Sunday Feb. 29th with another live solo performance of Ambient World beats and mystical sounds. Performance times between 5-8pm.

Dear Friend:

Moroccan Exteriors was on the money. They had couscous with Senegalese sauce. He really had adventure in Morocco that reminded me of Egypt. Only I would never consider doing Morocco by myself unless I was doing the Folk Festival. His pictures were exciting but not enough of them. He is a humble master musician himself, although the program was about Gnawa music. Gnawas are mystics who go into trance, then chant, dance and play music. Something like Sun Ra.

An Indian friend of his was there and on the spot did an Indian type Acapella. At least it sounded like an improvisational acapella to me. I had thought the Indian was Moroccan. Calhoun's instruments were totally electronic/ electrical. The drums did not look like drums and he had a cord attached to his flute. He also played a doulble flute. He was a pleasure to watch. He also had a metallic instument shaped like a spaceship but sounded like West Indian Stell drums. He played them on top of the drums. He resonated the Indian's voice and some sounds.

Randy Weston also worked with Gnawa's in the '70's. I met him in Paris. Weston was in a World Music Concert with them. He had them flown out from Morocco. My troupe member either married one or one who played with them. They dance like soul dances when you have the spirit. I took Moroccan dancing but do not know it in context. I don't know how Moroccans or Gnawas respect trance dancing by non Gnawas. In the US it is fine. But I've never seen it in a Moroccan restaurant. Calhoun's tales of Morocco were exciting, adventurous and funny - camels and all. He had us in another place and time for a minute. He has become part of their family. Check out his website www.willcalhoun.com. It was a pleasurable learning experience. Calhoun definitely needs to be promoted on a larger scale.

Cassandra M. Wimbs

Living Colour taping "Last Call with Carson Daly" -- Tuesday, January 27th, 2004. LC will be featured as the house band. Air date is Feb. 6, 2004 on NBC. Check local listings for air time.

Living Colour slated to tour in Brazil from April 28 - May 2, 2004. More details coming soon.

Check out the Tour Schedule page for info regarding Will's photo exhibition - "Moroccan Exteriors", Feb. 6 -8, 2004 in NYC.

Click here for a recent interview of Will by "Rock Ahead" Interviews.

CollideØscope reviews, articles...

Click here for Rolling Stone's 4 Star Review of "CollideØscope".

Click here for new press release from Sanctuary Records. Will and the lads provide some insight as to what they've been up to in the years since LC's break-up, and let us in on the inspiration for their reunion and highly anticipated new release CollidØscope.

Click here for a review from Kerrang, the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine!

Click here for a Rolling Stone article about the new Living Colour Album "CollideØscope".

Click here for a Living Colour fan interview with audio answers from Corey Glover, from the Noise Records Web site.

New Living Colour Album entitled "CollideØscope" will be released in the USA, October 7th, 2003. An earlier release in Europe, September 23rd, is planned.

Click here to order.

Press release from Sanctuary Records:

Grammy award winning artist Living Colour release their long awaited new album CollideØscope through Mayan Records / Sanctuary on September 23rd [see note above]. Co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition, Vernon Reid formed Living Colour in the mid 80's - one of the few hard rock bands comprised of all black members, yet with the talent and eclecticism to inject everything from punk and alternative to funk, jazz, soul and rap into their sound.

Creating a buzz on the New York underground, Living Colour won the support of Mick Jagger and went on to debut to massive critical acclaim in 1988 with 'Vivid' and the smash single/video 'Cult Of Personality', taking the album to number 6 in the US charts, platinum certification and the first of several Grammy Awards. A string of dates opening stadiums for the Rolling Stones' first US tour in eight years supported the release. After sweeping the board in several Best New Band awards in such magazines as Rolling Stone, 'Time's Up' was released in 1990, resulting in the UK hit single 'Love Rears It's Ugly Head'.

The band split in 1995, deciding to head in their own musical directions. Critically acclaimed solo efforts from each Living Colour member and ground breaking side-projects followed such as Headfake, Jungle Funk, Masque, Vice. Re-uniting for gigs and tours in recent years, Collideoscope has all the key ingredients that make up their classic sound, with a contemporary feel that we have come to expect from such an eclectic and accomplished band.

Tracklisting: Song Without Sin . A ? Of When . Operation Mind Control . Flying . In Your Name . Back In Black . Nightmare City . Lost Halo . Holy Roller . Great Expectations . Choices Mash Up . Happy Shopper . Pocket Of Tears . Sacred Ground . Tomorrow Never Knows . Nova

Will Calhoun will have his first photo exhibition at the Willasau Jazz Festival in Switzerland, August 28th, 2003 @ 6pm in Stadmuhle, Willasau.

The show is titled "Moroccan Exteriors." The show will contain music and photographs taken by Will Calhoun during his 2-week personal journey through the deserts of Morocco. He will also perform a brief solo Electronic Ambient Drum performance for the opening.

Daily Gallery hours are 9am-7:30pm.

Living Colour will perform on August 29th at the Willsasau Jazz Festival...featuring new material from their soon to be released CD...

Will Calhoun is the recipient of a fellowship from the SUNDANCE film organization to work with independant film makers, producing film scores.

Listen for Will Calhoun on WBAI 99.5 FM, broadcasting from NYC, on Friday, December 27th 2002, at 4pm.

Click here to listen on-line.

Will Calhoun is the recipient of a fellowship from the SUNDANCE film organization to work with independant film makers, producing film scores.

Listen for Will Calhoun on WBAI 99.5 FM, broadcasting from NYC, on Friday, July 12th 2002, at 10pm.

Click here to listen on-line.

*You will need the Real Audio Player to enjoy WBAI on-line.

July, 2002 update from Will:

Thanks for all the inquires concerning Living Colour, Head-Fake, Mos Def-featuring-Black Jack Johnson, and my Jazz project. I will try to answer as many questions as I can concerning these projects...

Living Colour: Living Colour is presently in the studio working on a new album. The group decided to go out and perform a few local and International gigs to examine new material, check out the audiences, and check our own vibe in concert. The past shows were fantastic. We just returned from Poland. Living Colour performed outdoors in middle of "Old Town" Warsaw. We had no idea 8000 people would attend. It was our first time performing in Poland and the show was a huge success. Presently, we are performing select shows while working on new material. We are planning to complete all the writing by late November and possibly release a new CD in February, 2003. For all of the West Coast fans, look for Living Colour to perform in Anaheim and San Diego California with George Clinton as a special guest. Please keep checking the site for details.

Head-Fake: Head-Fake is a constant work in progress. Doug and I have recorded hours of material for this duo project; however we have put our work aside for projects like Jungle Funk and lately Mos Def Featuring Black Jack Johnson. Some of the grooves for these projects were based on Head-Fake material. Now that we have completed both projects we are talking to a few labels at the moment. We recently performed in Estonia with Mark Ledford as a special guest. The show was fantastic. Head-Fake will perform at BAM on Sunday, July 14th at 8pm. We will perform new material. Please keep checking the site for details.

Mos Def-Black Jack Johnson: I spoke to Mos Def last week. The CD will finally be released in early 2003. This CD is one of the best recordings I've ever worked on... I'm thrilled. Keep checking the site for proper release dates and label information concerning this CD. The CD features me, Doug Wimbish, Dr.Know (from Bad Brains), Bernie Worrell (of P-Funk fame)... and a few special guests.

I will record another Jazz CD at some point in the coming months. I'm still organizing the personnel. Thanks for all messages, comments, questions, and mostly, your patience. We're working to add to the site and keep the information current.

- Will Calhoun

Click here for an interview with Will and Doug Wimbish during their recent stop in Warsaw, Poland. Click here for a reveiw of the LC show in Warsaw on 6/22/02.

Click here for a recent article about Will from The Inside Connection Web site.

Listen for Will Calhoun on WKCR 89.9 FM, broadcasting from NYC, on Thursday, Jan. 31th 2002, from 8-9pm.

Click here to listen on-line.

*You will need the Real Audio Player to enjoy WKCR on-line.

Living Colour and Friends Create Magic At Shure Musical Roots Benefit on 1/19/02 -- Click here for article.

Mos Def featuring Black Jack Johnson will air (finally!) on HBO's "Reverb" show, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2001 at 8pm.

Check out these preview streams (Windows Media) from the gig, taped at NYC's Bowery Ballroom on July 31st. (Select a stream that most closely matches your connection speed)

[Lo]          [Hi]

Additional Airdates:
Friday, 10/26 4:15 pm
Friday, 10/26 12:30 am
Sat., 10/27 12:00 am HBO Plus
Sun., 10/28 11:00 am
Sun., 10/28 1:10 am
Mon., 10/29 12:05 am HBO Plus

Click here for an article from The St.Peterburg Times. Will discusses the projects he entertained himself with since Living Color went its separate ways seven years ago.

Click here for an article from New York magazine featuring Will with Black Jack Johnson [w/Mos Def, Doug Wimbish & Bernie Worrell].

Click here for an article from Down Beat magazine featuring Will's perspective on musical diversity.

Click here for an article from Modern Drummer magazine featuring Will's perspective on "Dealing With Loops".

Listen for Will Calhoun on WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, Friday, Oct 5th 2001, from 2-3pm with host Micheal Borne. The show will feature a short interview, however, the purpose for the show is an hour of Jazz chosen by Will Calhoun -- featuring selections from Will's own CD collection -- tune in and check it out!

WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, serving the NYC metro area, and Internet listeners worldwide, with the best in jazz, blues and award-winning news.

Click here to listen on-line.

*You will need the Real Audio Player to enjoy WBGO Jazz Radio.

The following shows have been cancelled due to the recent tragic events in the USA. They will be rescheduled if possible for a later date this year. Stay tuned to this site for further info, and thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thu 9/13/01 - St. Petersburg, FL @ Janus Landing

Fri 9/14/01 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues

Sat 9/15/01 - Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Metal Factory

Fri 9/21/01 - Norfolk, VA @ The Boathouse

VH1 will be airing a short clip from LC's August 5th show at Central Park during their News program at 9pm, August 6th.

Mos Def featuring Black Jack Johnson -- live HBO special taping at the Bowery Ballroom on July 31st.

Click here for an interview/article featuring Will's perspective on the Living Colour tour.

Click here for an article that provides an update on the Mos Def/Jack Johnson project.

Listen for Will Calhoun on WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM, serving the NYC metro area, and Internet listeners worldwide, with the best in jazz, blues and award-winning news. Will is being interviewed Monday, March 26th 2001 at 9pm, so tune in if you can!

Click here to listen on-line.

*You will need the Real Audio Player to enjoy WBGO Jazz Radio.

Will is still working on the latest MOS DEF CD - featuring the JACK JOHNSON Band.  Please stay tuned for more details.

For those who are still waiting for the HEAD FAKE CD please hang out just a bit longer.  We are still organizing the CD with live tracks and studio tracks....Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday January 3rd, 2001:
The WILL CALHOUN QUINTET will perform at Birdland:

Mos Def with the Jack Johnson band (Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish, Bernie Worrell, Doc. Know) will be performing live on the Conan O'Brien show, Tuesday Jan. 2nd, on the NBC television network. Please check your local listings for the correct show time.

Mos Def's new CD will be released in the spring of 2001. The band will perform music from this up-and coming CD....a must see TV for real.

Thursday December 21st, 2000 -- 10PM:
@ CBGB'S: HEAD FAKE-featuring Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish, Corey Glover, and a surprise guest.  Rumor states Vernon Reid is the surprise guest and the guys will perform Living Colour tunes.  Could this be the first Living Colour gig in 7 years?

Check out these streams from the Headfake/Living Colour "reunion" gig at CBGB's! (Select a stream that most closely matches your connection speed)

56k 128k 300k

Click here for gig flier

315 BOWERY St.

Friday, December 8th, 2000: 
MOS DEF FEATURING - JACK JOHNSON (WILL CALHOUN-drums, DOUG WIMBISH-bass, DOC. KNOW-guitars, BERNIE WORRELL-keys) - LIVE AT ROSELAND - as part of the Lyricist Lounge Tour.
239 West 52nd St. NYC

Thursday, December 7th, 2000: 
Will Calhoun will be performing on T.V. for the NY Magazine Awards with MOS DEF.  The Network is NBC (Channel 4 for New Yorkers) at 7P.M.  The band features: WILL CALHOUN-drums, DOUG WIMBISH-bass, DOC. KNOW-guitars, WELDON IRVINE-keys, AND MOS DEF-vox.  The Band is called JACK JOHNSON, and will perform a song from MOS DEF'S - Black on Both Sides CD titled "UMI SAYS".   Classic......... don't miss it.

For the international fans please pick up a copy of RHYTHM MAGAZINE. (November, 2000 issue) There is a up to date interview on the new projects and concepts for Will Calhoun. For those who are unfamiliar with this magazine; it's England's largest drum mag. The article is titled "COLOUR ME BAD".

Also in the November 2000 issue of JAZZ TIMES in the HEARSAY section of the magazine, there is a review on the latest Will Calhoun quintet live at the Blue Note CD. Click here to read the article.

Will Calhoun just came off a succcessful tour with Mos Def. Please check the web-site for a release date of the new MOS DEF CD featuring Will Calhoun, Doug Wimbish, Bernie Worrell, Doctor Know (guitarist from BAD BRAINS). The tunes are slamming. The Band is called "JACK JOHNSON", the album is currently titled "BLACK BASTARD" . There will be other rappers/artist performing cameo's on this new CD as well. The CD will be released on RAWKUS records. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one............

Will's record release party/performance at renowned Blue Note Jazz Club on June 5th is available via streaming video/audio by following the links below. The band was cookin' and a good time was had by all. Will is presently in Morocco performing at the Festival D'Essaouira which runs from June 8th-11th.

Will Calhoun Quintet
Live at the Blue Note
Recorded 6/05/00
G2 Surestream Audio
G2 56 Video

The "Will Calhoun Live at the Blue Note" CD was released May 18th in record stores nationally (available on the Half Note Label). Click here to order.

Will's first acoustic recording and performance as a bandleader took place on Monday, Dec. 27th 1999 at the world renowned Blue Note Jazz Club in downtown Manhatten. See the tour page for details. This recording will be available on the Half-note record label in May, 2000. Stay tuned for further information, including record release party.

Click on the links below to hear an archived broadcast of the gig (requires Real Player)

RA 28.8
RA 56.6

Headfake update - Will, Doug and Corey performed live at CBGB's on the first night of the new millennium! The lads are happy to be making music together again after 6 years. The show was recorded by Ron St. Germain, whose credits include Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, Living Colour (Stain) recordings, among many others.

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